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Patient, Patient, Patient !

At about this time of year the reflection begins for brand planning. Is patient centricity on your agenda? Do you have insight…

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WES awards

Award nomination for Taking Medicines!

“The Women’s Enterprise Scotland Awards is a great vehicle for shining a spotlight on the emerging talent and some of the more…

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Why is it so hard to engage in mobile health?

Why is it so hard to engage in mobile health? We all know that there is an established need for health Apps…

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Talking Medicines close investment


Glasgow healthcare data start-up, Talking Medicines, founded by Jo Halliday, Scott Crae and Elizabeth Fairley, has secured its first institutional investment as…

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Asthma cohort within Medsmart®

Connecting pharma company marketing execs to real world asthma patients

The Medsmart® App supports a high number of people who self report that they suffer from asthma. It offers marketing execs in…

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What happens once patients pick up their medicines?

Medsmart® data insights provides a window into the real world behaviours of health care consumers in terms of how they use their…

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Linking video content on Medsmart

Sponsored video content on Medsmart®

We are ready to link sponsored video content on the Medsmart® App. Audio visual content is a huge part of our daily…

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Digital health consumers

Bolder moves in Digital Health

Does there need to be bolder moves in digital health? Big players are investing and developing solutions outside of the traditional pharma…

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Travelling with medicines

60% of people don’t adhere to medication when travelling

60% of people did not adhere to their medication regime during travel*, with potential negative effect on health and wellbeing as a…

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The role of consumer segmentation in Pharma Marketing

Real world consumer segmentation

As its brand planning season in the Pharmaceutical world it is a useful time to reflect on how this process can be…

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