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Digital health consumers

Bolder moves in Digital Health

Does there need to be bolder moves in digital health? Big players are investing and developing solutions outside of the traditional pharma…

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Travelling with medicines

60% of people don’t adhere to medication when travelling

60% of people did not adhere to their medication regime during travel*, with potential negative effect on health and wellbeing as a…

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The role of consumer segmentation in Pharma Marketing

Real world consumer segmentation

As its brand planning season in the Pharmaceutical world it is a useful time to reflect on how this process can be…

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NHS turns 70 with Medsmart

Medsmart® celebrates NHS turning 70 today!

Medsmart® celebrates NHS turning 70 today! “The collective principle asserts that…no society can legitimately call itself civilised if a sick person is…

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Unlocking amition_Medsmart

Unlocking Ambition award recognises Medsmart®

Talking Medicines, a Glasgow based data tech company providing real world medicines insight to Pharmaceutical Companies, are over the moon to have…

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Patient review of Medsmart®

Patient reviews of Medsmart® are really important to us in keeping close to how the App is used & can be improved.…

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Patient centric data from Medsmart

Patient centricity – being taken seriously?

Patient centricity is a hot topic in the press. From reading this month’s PharmaTimes @PharmaTimes there was a really interesting introduction by the Editor…

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Head of Sales for Medsmart® real world data

Nina leads the real world data sales team. The Talking Medicines team are delighted to announce that Nina Lionaki has joined us.…

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Hay fever

Hay fever tips

As the days become warmer,  more humid and windy, for hay fever sufferers, this is usually not good news. Allergic rhinitis or…

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