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Asthma cohort within Medsmart®

Connecting pharma company marketing execs to real world asthma patients

The Medsmart® App supports a high number of people who self report that they suffer from asthma. It offers marketing execs in…

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real world data medsmart

Medsmart® engaging with 10,000 people!

GATHERING REAL WORLD DATA THROUGH OUR PATIENT ENGAGEMENT TOOL- MEDSMART®: We see ourselves at the centre of real world data on patient insights…

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Adherence: Enhanced Studies Through Medsmart

Our CMO Scott Crae examines how the Medsmart platform can transform Pharma Co adherence studies from retrospective to pro-active campaigns.   Read…

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digital health solutions

Digital Health Solutions- Keep it Simple

“Putting the Patient at the centre of Digital Health Solutions” involves one key thing – Keeping it Simple. Patients in the 21st…

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