Medsmart® Insights – Real World Data

Medsmart Insights- Access to real world data

The Pharmaceutical industry thrives on developing innovative medicines that address global medical requirements. There is a growing need to gain insights into the real world use of medicines across a range of morbidities, which would create the ability to better model medicines solutions to improve health outcomes

Talking Medicines’ medicine centric “Knowledge Base” combines regulated medicine information from across nations with data from our patient-centric Medsmart App, a single unified global solution for healthcare consumers.   The knowledge centre builds data points to deliver trends and patterns of global real world usage across medicines and brands which is uniquely driven by the health consumer. This solution is tailored to give healthcare professionals and researchers the visibility to identify patterns of data across multiple medicines and their therapeutic areas of interest.

Talking Medicines unified solution offers unique value to Pharma Co led adherence platforms or patient support programs through surfacing aggregate data on comorbidity, data about usage across medicines and feedback about patient behaviour and wellness. Medsmart Insights displays data points of real world usage of medicines directly from the health consumer, in an ‘always on’ solution.


Gain access to structured real world data on medicine usage with Medsmart Insights. Learn more by dropping us a line or call us on 0141 352 98 55

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