Medsmart® the medication reminder app

Medical Adherence rate across health conditions worldwide is at best 50%. Many healthcare consumers do not follow instructions to take medicines at the right time, in the right way and for the right duration. This poses a significant business challenge in patient adherence management.The Medsmart medication reminder app is free to download and use from Apple Store and Google Play.

Medsmart is a single unified global solution for healthcare consumers. simplifying complex information about medicines in everyday language.  Medsmart learns about users’ allergies, intolerances and potential interactions between medicines, helping to prevent avoidable trips to A&E or medicine wastage before they happen.

The medication reminder app makes it easy to control your own medicines and manage the medicines for those you care for. Simply scan the medicine’s barcode to bring trusted, easy to follow information to life whenever you need it. We empower people to make more informed decisions about their health, through understanding why the medicine was prescribed, how it works & how to use it properly

Clear, informative videos explain how medicines work and how to take them as prescribed. Unlock trusted information about ingredients in the medicine. Find out about potential side effects and possible interactions with other medicines that you use.  Easy to use ‘smart’ reminders help keep users to their prescribed course of medicine. Furthermore, our ‘smart’ reminders help monitor their progress throughout an entire course of medication.
Want to find out more about Medsmart? Visit the Medsmart website, our Facebook or Twitter page. Or better yet, drop us a line.

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