Medsmart® Meds & Pill Reminder App

Medsmart Meds & Pill Reminder

Medsmart® makes it easier to take control of your medicines. Manage your medicines by finding and scanning the barcode on the medicine pack, set up smart reminders for when you need to take your medicines and share your medicine cabinet with yourself or others.

You can find trusted information about your medicines and link it to your health condition. Medsmart® will log if you have taken your medicines and you can keep a record of that with you at all times.

The more information you provide for your profile, medicines and health conditions the more Medsmart® can help you take control of your medicines and your health.

Medsmart®’s free features:

• Quickly and easily scan each medicine to check what it is, and that it’s meant for you

• Save each scanned medicine to your medicine cabinet to manage your medicines and share this with others through the share button

• Keep your medicines cabinet up to date by easily suspending a medicine and reactivating it when you need to, you can customise reminders to your needs

• You can set up someone else’s medicine cabinet and keep track of their medicines and reminders by adding individual profiles

• Unlock information about the ingredients in your medicine and set up alerts for any ingredient you wish to get notifications about

• You can pair your medicine to your health condition and view it together with ingredients in your medicine information page

• Quick and easy to use smart reminders so that you don’t stop taking your medicine part way through, allowing you to track what you have taken each day

If you’re not able to scan a medicine please try again, and if the medicine is not in our database we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us on and we will make sure to add it to Medsmart® as soon as we can!

The Medsmart® medication reminder app is free to download and use from Apple Store and Google Play.

Want to find out more about Medsmart? Visit the Medsmart website, our Facebook or Twitter page. Or better yet, drop us a line.

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